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Hi Supergurls!¬†It's¬†Sharlynn here and I'm the owner of LXIX Athletica ūüėä This is our first ever blog post to give yall a little insight about what went into the process of starting LXIX Athletica and a little background story of how I created the brand (I hope it's not too long-winded haha)!

Once upon a time, I¬†was a mega fan of all things superheroes- Inspired by the beauty of strength in female protagonists, LXIX Athletica was created ultimately for the super gurls who rule the world, symbolized by the logo off Captain Marvel's defending shield ūüõ°ÔłŹ¬†Growing up with a humongous appetite for new and challenging sports, these strong¬†supergurls in superhero films slowly paved the way as my role models while¬†I¬†continually worked on who I've always wanted to be in the future.¬†

With a strong background in competitive sports, I spent much of my teenage years dressed in sportswear, activewear, yoga pants, leggings wherever I went. A few years ago while I was working as a Personal Trainer at a gym, I realized how much I was actually spending on these activewear- plain ol', boring sporting clothes that were pretty much similar, reusable designs that were sold at every activewear brand I could think of, just tagged by different brands. My wardrobe was simple, yet the designs for activewear at that time were inherently boring, overly priced, and mostly only functional at the gym- where were my pockets where I needed them?

I always had the idea of starting a brand of my own, so in 2016/17 I started actively researching, designing, saving and testing different kinds of fabrics, styles, fit and cut to attain the ideal activewear. Cute, functional yet affordable sportswear that any gurl in Singapore would be able to purchase and start going to everywhere and anywhere in! 

LXIX Athletica draft idea for LXIX Classic Sportsbra in Midnight Gray/Pink and Forest Green/Black

After various phases of designs and branding ideas, I eventually created a prototype for the first official LXIX Sportsbra, the LXIX Classic. The pink/gray combination didn't make it to the final production eventually due to market research (let us know if you'd like us to release this sports bra in these shades)!

Let's take a look at the final shades that made it through to the final production ;) 


1. The LXIX Classic Sportsbra (Midnight Gray/Forest Green)

Sizes range from S-L (L is OOS for now)


Model picture of LXIX Athletica LXIX Classic Sportsbra in Midnight Gray Front and Back

Model picture of LXIX Athletica LXIX Classic Sportsbra in Forest Green Front and Back


The LXIX Classic Sportsbra in Midnight Gray (top) and Forest Green (bottom) are made of sleek buttery soft layers designed to give you a full range of motion and keep you feeling cute and comfortable during your low-moderate impact workouts. The criss-cross straps provide optimal support while allowing you to look effortlessly chic, perfect for any low-moderate fitness activities or just lounging around! 


2. LXIX Mesh Leggings 

Sizes ranges from XS - XL (Only black colour available for now)

Model picture of LXIX Athletica LXIX Mesh Leggings in Black Front and Back

You know how we hate it when our hands are filled, and we reach down towards our pockets only to realize *gasps*- THERE ARE NO POCKETS!! Well, good thing for us, the LXIX Mesh Leggings were created for these *ahem* first world problems. 

Stay cool and dry in this breathable leggings featuring mesh designs on both sides, designed to keep you supported during your toughest workouts! I added 2 mesh designs on each side of the leggings to provide more ventilation for our legs in case it gets too hot in humid Singapore. Of course,¬†the mesh designs were also created in a way¬†to provide more curves in our lower body! Now we can easily stash our phone and essentials in¬†our pockets to take the perfect selfie.¬†ūüėĀ¬†

So there you have it! The basic essentials we all need to look cute, comfy and slayyy at the gym without breaking our wallets. As we slowly gear ourselves towards Collection 2, we're also aiming towards designing activewear for girls who would like colours a little bolder/pastel-themed. If you'd followed my personal IG account (@sharlynnooi) and joined the vote for the next colour theme for Collection 2, thank you so much!

voting scale for pastel vs bold colours on instagram poll


If there's any new colours or designs you'd love to see in our future collections, please don't feel shy! Leave a comment below and share your ideas with us- who knows, your designs might make it into our future collections! ūü•į



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